Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Spring Break

Last week for Spring Break we went to Grandpa's farm. We had such a great time. We lazed around and helped out and went to a really fun pool in St George. We were there for eight days. The first few days we pretty much laid around. Meesh and I were pretty tired on Saturday so we pretty much took the day off. Then sunday we went to church and ate dinner with Lee's family. The boys were very excited to see Jesse and Derek (they had been at the fair all week and we hadn't see them all saturday). I didn't see the boys at all after that as they were down at Lee's house the rest of the day. It started snowing on Monday so we stayed inside most of the day. On tuesday the boys went out with Lee and helped him work on the pivot. There are lots of small things that can be done by little hands. Meesh and the girls and I went to Larissa's in the afternoon. Then we went to the school to help Grandma Donnene at her after school program. On wednesday we went out with Lee and helped (watched) get two loads of cows. Then in the afternoon we helped put the pivot together. On thursday we went to Washington City and went to the community center. They have a really awesome swimming pool. On friday we were back at the farm helping Lee with the pivot again. On friday night we had a surprise party for Grandma Donnene and Grandpa John's 40th Anniversary. They were very surprised! All their 10 kids were there and almost all the extended family. It was a great evening. On saturday we again worked on the pivots. We had so much fun with all the boys that had come the night before. It made the work go so much faster than earlier in the week. We had such a great time we already want to go back. Maybe in the summer!
The farm got two new pivots. One the week before we got there and another on friday. This one on the green field was the first. It is eight spans. We did a lot of the busy work while Lee worked on the harder stuff.

Here's a few pics Adessa took on Saturday. We were trying to keep her busy while we were working on the pivot.

On tuesday we were able to go outside and fly kites. It was so windy the kites had a hard time staying up in the air. They needed more of a gentle breeze.
Here is Dessa flying her mermaid kite.
Aden with his Ironman kite. Andy was helping him get in it the air.
Dessa sliding down the wolf slide.
All the kids gathered on the jungle gym.
Mom and Dessa in the shallow end of the pool.
Little Andy freezing to death after swimming for 3 hours even 80 degree weather in St George.

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