Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Last Day

Here's the trail map. We have been skiing on the Nevada side (left side of map). Boulder, Stagecoach, Northbowl, Olympic, Comet, Dipper. The boys can't wait to go next year and take a turn on Sky Express. The very top of the mountain.
Here we all are at the top of Comet before we headed clear to the bottom to call it a day. We went to the right.
Here are the boys at the top of comet waiting for Dad to buckle his binding.
The boys found the trail map half way thru the day. That was so cool. They could see the entire mountain, all the places they had skied, and the places they were going to conquer next. Any time they saw a map they would ski right up to it to check it out. One time we were getting ready to get on comet express and we couldn't find Aden. He was way over in front of the map half way to Dipper express. Dipper express also has the map attached to the safety bar on Dipper so that was a really fun ride up the mountain.
Relaxing with Dad before heading over to Mott. JK. Top of Dipper chair. One way goes to Mott and Kilebrew and the other goes to sightly less difficult runs.

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