Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aden and Andy Kindergarten Promotion June 8, 2010

Aden shaking Ms. White's hand.
Ms. Mueller calling Aden.
Andy shaking Ms.White's hand. Ms. Mueller couldn't remember his last name. Funny since we see her every week at church. And they're her favorite students, of course.
Aden squished between two big girls.
Andy waiting for everyone else to file in. The are the two smallest kids in their class and the are also the oldest. Darn those Crawford genes.

2010 Braves T-ball Season

The boys last t-ball game of the season Andy was pitcher and Aden catcher. The Mathews A-Team.
Adne with his game ball. He got 2 outs as the starting pitcher. Too bad they don't keep score that would have been a good game.
Andy enjoying his snack. He pretty much always happy.
Aden always has his hat down so far you can't see his face. And he is always tipping his head back to see but when you ask him about it he says it fine. "It's fine, mom. Leave it alone."
Aden running back from the bathroom.
Andy thoughtfully contemplating the game of t-ball.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Aneka's Broken arn

She is loving the attention. Though she has mentioned she doesn't want to tell the story of how it happened again. She'll jabber on about nothing until you ask her and then she is completely silent.
Sis broke her arm on May 30. She was playing with the babysitter and fell too hard. Her arm looked like and "S"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Aneka's 5th Birthday Party

For Aneka's birthday we had a girly party. We had her cousins over and one of her friends from church. We painted nails and did make up and kissed the prince. Also we played pass the purse (the girly version of hot potato). The girls had a fabulous time and the two hours went by so fast!! They each got to take home a little purse with nail polish, lip gloss and body spray.
We played Kiss the Prince. The funnest was getting on the bandana so they couldn't see. Kaleigh kissed the wall way above the poster.
Prince Naveen covered in kisses.
Aneka taking her turn.
Adessa kissing his belly button.
The bubble blower was the funnest. Aneka got it from Kaleigh and Libby. Aneka, Kaleigh, Adessa, Libby, and Jocelyn.
Lots of bubbles! No effort from MOM! Yeah!!!!!!
Most of the girls. Aneka, Kaleigh, Kady, Keziah, Jocelyn, Adessa, Olivia, Aunt Morgan and Aunt Emily, Laurel. (Aunt Donya and Aunt Meesh not pictured)
Blowing out the candles.
Happy Day. This is the dress she got from Aunt Airiel. She loves it. She doesn't love wearing the sweater. (It's too hot, mom!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Spring Break

Last week for Spring Break we went to Grandpa's farm. We had such a great time. We lazed around and helped out and went to a really fun pool in St George. We were there for eight days. The first few days we pretty much laid around. Meesh and I were pretty tired on Saturday so we pretty much took the day off. Then sunday we went to church and ate dinner with Lee's family. The boys were very excited to see Jesse and Derek (they had been at the fair all week and we hadn't see them all saturday). I didn't see the boys at all after that as they were down at Lee's house the rest of the day. It started snowing on Monday so we stayed inside most of the day. On tuesday the boys went out with Lee and helped him work on the pivot. There are lots of small things that can be done by little hands. Meesh and the girls and I went to Larissa's in the afternoon. Then we went to the school to help Grandma Donnene at her after school program. On wednesday we went out with Lee and helped (watched) get two loads of cows. Then in the afternoon we helped put the pivot together. On thursday we went to Washington City and went to the community center. They have a really awesome swimming pool. On friday we were back at the farm helping Lee with the pivot again. On friday night we had a surprise party for Grandma Donnene and Grandpa John's 40th Anniversary. They were very surprised! All their 10 kids were there and almost all the extended family. It was a great evening. On saturday we again worked on the pivots. We had so much fun with all the boys that had come the night before. It made the work go so much faster than earlier in the week. We had such a great time we already want to go back. Maybe in the summer!
The farm got two new pivots. One the week before we got there and another on friday. This one on the green field was the first. It is eight spans. We did a lot of the busy work while Lee worked on the harder stuff.

Here's a few pics Adessa took on Saturday. We were trying to keep her busy while we were working on the pivot.

On tuesday we were able to go outside and fly kites. It was so windy the kites had a hard time staying up in the air. They needed more of a gentle breeze.
Here is Dessa flying her mermaid kite.
Aden with his Ironman kite. Andy was helping him get in it the air.
Dessa sliding down the wolf slide.
All the kids gathered on the jungle gym.
Mom and Dessa in the shallow end of the pool.
Little Andy freezing to death after swimming for 3 hours even 80 degree weather in St George.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Last Day

Here's the trail map. We have been skiing on the Nevada side (left side of map). Boulder, Stagecoach, Northbowl, Olympic, Comet, Dipper. The boys can't wait to go next year and take a turn on Sky Express. The very top of the mountain.
Here we all are at the top of Comet before we headed clear to the bottom to call it a day. We went to the right.
Here are the boys at the top of comet waiting for Dad to buckle his binding.
The boys found the trail map half way thru the day. That was so cool. They could see the entire mountain, all the places they had skied, and the places they were going to conquer next. Any time they saw a map they would ski right up to it to check it out. One time we were getting ready to get on comet express and we couldn't find Aden. He was way over in front of the map half way to Dipper express. Dipper express also has the map attached to the safety bar on Dipper so that was a really fun ride up the mountain.
Relaxing with Dad before heading over to Mott. JK. Top of Dipper chair. One way goes to Mott and Kilebrew and the other goes to sightly less difficult runs.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4th Day Judo-Chop Ski Pole turns

On our fourth day of skiing Grandma decided we needed to learn something new. So after we took two runs down boulder she stopped us at the top and showed us how to do ski pole turns without the ski poles. This teaches new little skiers how to make smaller turns on the hill instead of going all the way across each time. The boys got this down pretty quick and all day they worked on it. Here is video of each of them practicing their ski pole turns. As you can see it resembles a judo-chop because of the force of their arm as it comes down. LOL

Andy ski pole turns

Aden ski pole turns