Friday, May 28, 2010

Aneka's 5th Birthday Party

For Aneka's birthday we had a girly party. We had her cousins over and one of her friends from church. We painted nails and did make up and kissed the prince. Also we played pass the purse (the girly version of hot potato). The girls had a fabulous time and the two hours went by so fast!! They each got to take home a little purse with nail polish, lip gloss and body spray.
We played Kiss the Prince. The funnest was getting on the bandana so they couldn't see. Kaleigh kissed the wall way above the poster.
Prince Naveen covered in kisses.
Aneka taking her turn.
Adessa kissing his belly button.
The bubble blower was the funnest. Aneka got it from Kaleigh and Libby. Aneka, Kaleigh, Adessa, Libby, and Jocelyn.
Lots of bubbles! No effort from MOM! Yeah!!!!!!
Most of the girls. Aneka, Kaleigh, Kady, Keziah, Jocelyn, Adessa, Olivia, Aunt Morgan and Aunt Emily, Laurel. (Aunt Donya and Aunt Meesh not pictured)
Blowing out the candles.
Happy Day. This is the dress she got from Aunt Airiel. She loves it. She doesn't love wearing the sweater. (It's too hot, mom!)

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