Saturday, February 27, 2010

3rd Day Skiing with Boys

Aden with Mom on Boulder chair.
Aden sitting in the snow right before lunch.
Andy getting back up after he fell.
It was snowing "popcorn" at the end of the day. Lots of it.
Aden trying to catch the "popcorn snow" on his tongue.
Aden and Grandma Beth on North Bowl chair.
Andy, Mom, Grandpa Willy and Jordan on Stagecoach High Speed Quad Chair.
Aden on Boulder.
Andy on Olympic Downhill.
Aden and Andy riding with JJ on Boulder.

Raw Videos of Future Olympians
Andy on Boulder

Aden on North Bowl
Our third day skiing at Heavenly was really fun. It snowed on and off most of the day. We had two times where the sun peeked thru the clouds and we saw blue sky. It was pretty cold and foggy most of the day. We had found goggles for the boys earlier in the week so they were just fine with the inclement weather. We started on Bolder and did two runs. The boys were asking to go on North Bowl (the next chair up) from when we pulled into the parking lot. After Grandma did her check in at Ski Patrol we took the shuttle to Stagecoach Lodge. That was fun. It was hard climbing up the stairs to the chair carrying our skis. When we finally got on the chair the boys were so excited. Andy said, "This is like a rollercoaster only slower." He explained how cool it was. When we got to the top we skied around to the top of North Bowl chair and down to Olympic chair (which is now a high speed quad also). It was pretty treacherous heading down to the chair. It had snow at foot or so during the night and it hadn't been groomed so there were lots of mogals. The boys struggled with the big bumps but they made it down. We rode up the Olympic Chair and took it slow heading down the Olympic trail. Since it was pretty bumpy every we headed back down to Boulder. By then it was lunch so we headed out to the pickup to eat with Grandpa and JJ. The boys were still asking to go on North Bowl even though we had already gone down the runs. We hadn't actually ridden on the North Bowl chair. They didn't put it together that when we went on Stagecoach we went on all the North Bowl runs. So after going on Boulder one more time, we headed back up to go on North Bowl chair. That was soooo Freezing!!! It is a 3 person chair and it is the longest chair. Brrr! When we got off the chair I was explaining to Andy that we already skied it. We were all pretty tired at that point so headed it slow down the mountain. Andy fell a couple times because he was so tired from plowing the heavy snow all day. Even Grandpa said it was a hard day because the snow was so heavy! When we got to the bottom of Boulder the boys collapsed in the snow. I asked Andy if he wanted to go up again. He said, "No, I'm done!" The first time in 3 weeks I didn't have to force them to go home. It was fun!!

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