Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mom and Dad's Rafting Trip

For the Fourth of July we went of a rafting trip to the American River in California. It is between Auburn and Placerville. Dallin Smith was our guide (he is a counselor in YM with Charles). He brought his wife Kristen (she is in YW with Anya). Michele and Kevin also came. We left on Friday (Charles missed work for something other than Scouts! Whoa!) and stayed through Saturday afternoon. On Friday we went down the lower half and on saturday we went down the upper half. It was a blast!!

Charles and Kevin were in front in yellow and purple.

Anya and Michele were in the middle of the boat. Dallin (the guide) and Kristen were at the back.


LISA said...

Hey Anya!! Love the blog. You need to check out mine as well. The rafting trip looked fun.

Mrs. Smith said...

Rafting Rules!